Mom My Ride

It’s a bittersweet day. Last night Kirk & I bought a new car. A Mom Mobile. And while I like my new car and I know that it was a financially smart decision, I am suffering from Green Guilt. It’s so much fun driving a Prius. Mostly because by simply slipping behind the wheel you make a loud & clear statement that you are just a little bit better than everyone else. After all, I am, urrr was, a hybrid pioneer, bravely saving the planet one 45-mile gallon at a time. Behind the wheel of my new Mazda5 I’m just like you. Well, unless you drive an SUV. Then I am still better than you.

While I am a little sad, my heart warms at the thought of my Prius moving on to better and greater things. I have such a short commute and no carpool lane to exploit my superiority. I’m simply not letting my sweet Prius live up to its full potential. But it’s new owner (she hasn’t written the check yet, but I’m pretty sure she is good for the money) has a 30-mile commute, one way. That’s 60 miles/day and carpool almost the entire way. I just know my Prius will be tooting along in the carpool lane smiling and mocking all those SUVs stuck in the commute traffic. Even better, the new owner will be selling her gas-guzzling BMW, so essentially – by selling my car – I am bettering the Bay Area carbon footprint by getting her car off the road! Wow – I’m even better than I realized.

I drove The 5 to work today and stopped at Starbucks. On my way out to the parking lot, I saw my new car and did a double take because I really liked it. Then I realized it was my car! I think that’s a good sign.

I don’t see too many Mazda5s out on the road and since I don’t have any photos yet, below is a list of descriptors. It’s definitely a funky-looking car with no clear category yet. Oh how I love anything that can’t be defined!

  • sport hatch
  • compact minivan
  • sports car of minivans
  • petite
  • crossover vehicle
  • wagon-minivan mutation
  • clever little family hauler
  • micro-van
  • tall wagon

Oh did I mention that this type of car is popular in Europe? Damn, I am cool again.

I could post a bunch of stock photos of my new spacewagon (that’s what they call them in Europe) but if you’re interested, you’ll look up the photos yourself; and if you’re not, you can wait a few days to see pictures of me pimpin’ out my new ride. Instead I will leave you with this hilarious video courtesy Zima.

5 Replies to “Mom My Ride”

  1. We need to re-examine your carbon foot print.
    First, you got rid of the cloth diapers.
    Second you planted grass!
    Then you reduced your mpg in half.

    I hope you aren’t using plastic shopping bags…..

  2. I’m thinking the best cure for Green Guilt is returning to cloth diapering. I already went BPA-free…

    Speaking of the grass, it is looking GOOD. I need to post a picture.

  3. I’m pretty sure that “the sports car of minivans” is just to make you feel better about your Mommobile’s sliding rear door. Too bad that “No Longer A Green Girl, Not Quite A Soccer Mom” didn’t make the list. :)
    Congrats on the new ride!! Enjoy the extra room!

  4. Gosh, no mini-van??? I thought you were “dead set”. But that is OK, there is no copying the MENYVAN. ha ha.
    Just got back from NJ business trip. I’ll email you more details, but I am up to my ears in planning the preschool auction for this Sat. Will be “more” sane after the 17th.
    Happy Mother’s day!!!

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