Day 2 of Yellowstone was Day 1 of the DIMS itinerary and Day 8 of vacation. After storms during the night, we packed our wet tent into a garbage back and set off for Yellowstone Canyon. Yellowstone is so big and each section of the park is unique, it really keeps it interesting from day-to-day. That said, we took in a lot of cascades and waterfalls on this day and I hope I’m remembering them correctly!

Gibbon Falls

Our first stop of the day and difficult to photograph due to the angle of the sun so early in the morning. Even though it was 7:15 when we arrived, this stop was already crowded!

Brink of Lower Falls

Wow! This is an amazing hike/view! At the end of the hike, you are standing atop of the Lower Falls and peering over the 308-foot waterfall! It’s a great perspective to start Canyon day, even if you do have to hike back up 300 feet to get back to your car! This hike reminded us of Cleetwood Cove Trail to swim in Crater Lake. Unfortunately, brink of Upper Falls and Uncle Tom’s trails were both closed this summer, so this was the closest we could get to the Yellowstone Falls.

Red Rock Point Trail

This was a major highlight of the day. As with every hike in the Canyon, when the trail goes down, you must hike it back up! Worth every stair though for these amazing views!

Love this view!

Upper Yellowstone Falls

Upper Yellowstone Falls only drops 109 feet and therefore it’s as impressive or well-known as Lower Yellowstone Falls. But we were still looking forward to another brink-of-the-falls hike and we were super bummed to learn it was closed for repairs all summer 2019. :-( We did a short hike stroll that gave us a nice view of Upper Falls and that will have to do until we return!

Virginia Cascades

After failing yet again to find an open table in multiple picnic locations, we decided to take the Virginia Cascades scenic drive in hopes of finding a picnic stop off the beaten path. Fail. And since it’s a one-way, we drove it again, this time pulling over on the side of the road to lunch. If you are counting, it was our third or fourth time lunching like hobos. At least we got to enjoy Virginia Cascades a few times. It’s quite impressive when we viewed it from the Jeep. But when you are on the ground, it’s much harder to photograph.

Little Gibbon Falls

This was a short, but nerve-wracking hike … grizzly bear territory and we were the only people on the trail. Grizzlies should be sleeping midday, but we sure didn’t want to startle a sleeping one! At this point we still hadn’t seen a black bear and this would have been a good spot, but no such luck. Again, it was nice to be away from the crowds after a busy morning. And if you weren’t terrified of running into a grizzly bear again, this would be a great hike!

Norris Geyser Basin

Ugh, we didn’t care for Norris Geyser Basin. To be fair, we didn’t give it much of a chance. Maybe if it had been our first geyser stop things would have been different … but maybe not.

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