Mammoth Hot Springs is one crazy section of Yellowstone. It’s described as an inside-out cave and I think that’s pretty accurate. It’s so unique, this section could probably be a national park in its own right. While not our favorite, it was cool and interesting and I’m glad we spent a few hours here. Should you be planning a trip to Yellowstone, the books say to plan for an hour at Mammoth Hot Springs, but it took us several hours because 1) it takes some time to find parking; 2) the boardwalks are crowded so you move slowly; 3) the restrooms are a half-mile away so if you park and then have to use the restroom (because it took 20 minutes to find a parking spot), that’s another 20 minutes before you see anything more than the Liberty Cap. But the restrooms are very nice and clean here!

Liberty Cap

Apparently, the Liberty Cap is a super big deal. My family of boys had a lot of comments about this. I’ll just leave it at that.

Palette Spring

Mound Terrace


Mound Spring

Grassy Spring

Canary Spring

Dryad Spring


I don’t know where these pics were taken but it was definitely Mammoth Hot Springs

Overall, this was a great way to spend a morning in the park. There is a nice general store here too where you can get groceries and lunch items. Plus the clean restrooms!

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