This hodge-podge post is so Yellowstone … a little of everything!

Undine Falls

A quick roadside stop, Undine Falls drops 60 feet in three plunges.

Wraith Falls

I loved this hike!! Except that I couldn’t find the bear spray so we went without, and I was a massive stress case. Fortunately, it was a short hike. Even more fortunate, no bear sightings. Just beautiful scenery and a waterfall.

Forces of the Range Nature Trail

This was an unscheduled stop, but it was recommended by GyPSy Guide as a good place to stretch your legs. And there was a bear jam blocking the road, so we decided to check this out.

Black Bear!

As we finished the hike, someone yelled from the parking lot that a black bear was heading this way. We hustled to the car, but several people ran to the woods to look for it. To each their own I guess.

We drove away but spotted the black bear on the road just 1/4 mile ahead. I guess she turned around. We pulled over and got to watch this small black bear for a good 5 minutes or so. That was pretty cool and definitely a case of being in the right place at the right time.

Petrified Tree

We can thank the GyPSy Guide for this suggestion too. I’m a sucker for a petrified tree … it just makes me think of Grandma Jeanie.

Home for the night

Tower Falls

A storm was brewing as we headed to Tower Falls. We got a nice view before the storm hit, but didn’t get to hike down to see closer.

A few views from the top of Yellowstone Canyon

Lamar Valley

We had planned to hike Lost Creek Falls and Lost Lake in the afternoon, but hiking in a thunderstorm didn’t seem fun or smart. Instead, we took another drive to Lamar Valley to see what the animals look like in the rain. Spoiler alert … they look wet.

Old West Cookout

We heard great things about the Old West Cookout and maybe our expectations were too high. It was fine, just not great. We would have liked more cowboy songs and sing-alongs. But the boys liked the horses.

And that was our day … Mammoth Hot Springs, waterfalls, hikes, a black bear, bison, an afternoon thunderstorm, and an Old West Cookout. Perfect Yellowstone day!

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